Swaiz Commercial, S.L.

Welcomes you and presents its product catalog

In which offers a wide range of items for automotive, professional tools, DIY tools, garage equipment and reliable an quiality machinery industrial products in collaboration with leading European manufacturers.

Since our origin, the main objective is to provide reliable products using the highest quality materials and the most rigorous control in manufacturing. Our manufacturers are suppliers of all major brands of vehicles and production lines in major factories national and international. We only work with manufacturers of proven quality. You can find products and equipment that will delight the most experts, and can prove they are a great exponent in terms of technical perfection, finishes, and aesthetics.

In our website you can see different types of radios that fit to original equipment for cars, universal interfaces to connect what you want, speakers, amplifiers, cables, adapters, hammer drills, cordless drills, hammers, grinders, screwdrivers, saws, shears, sanders, laser meter, miter saws, vacuum equipment and industrial filtration, lubrication systems, lubrication pumps, hose reels, filters, fume hoods, fuel processing, waste oil treatment, ERP

In the industrial and garage range, we manage projects, facilities and software developments.

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